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ГЛАВНАЯ > Новости> Magnetic core inductance calculator

Magnetic core inductance calculator

2016-08-19 00:34

The inductor (Inductor) is able to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy storage devices. The structure of the inductor is similar to that of the transformer, but only one winding. The inductor has a certain inductance, which only hinders the change of current. If the inductor is connected in a state without a current, it will attempt to block the current through it; if the inductor is in a state of current passing, it will attempt to keep the current unchanged when the circuit is broken. Also called choke inductor, reactor, dynamic reactor.

Calculation of inductance:
Width height diameter (0.08D.D.N.N) (40*3.74) (18*2.047 * (18 * * inductance of coil around the accordingly) (f) (2*3.14159 360ohm: formula of the coil impedance (Ohm) = 2 * 3.14159 * f (frequency) * inductance (H), set the need for impedance and the inductance (H) = impedance (Ohm) 83019 83019 (frequency) = 3.6... 2*3.14159 83019 7.06=8.116H calculated the number of ring number = [{ring diameter (inch)) + (40 * ring length (inches))}]... Circle diameter (inch) laps =[8.116 {+}]... 2.047 = 19 hollow ring inductance calculation formula of hollow core inductance calculation formula: l (MH) = (3D+9W+10H D coil diameter of N - coil number d line H - coil W - coil units were mm and MH.

The calculation formula of hollow coil inductance: l= (0.01*D*N*N) / (L/D+0.44) coil inductance: l, unit: microhenry
The control circuit) (a current through the DC coefficient AL= / PI L=N2.AL 1: to decide the first self...:: resonant::) (::: coil diameter D, unit: cm coil turn number: n, unit: coil length L, unit: cm frequency inductance and capacitance calculation formula l=25330.3/[f0*f0 *c] frequency f0 MHz f0=125KHZ=0.125 capacitance C unit pf ontology built c=500 1000pf line of decision or the Q value of the resonant inductor L unit: microhenry coil inductance calculation formula for circular core, the following formula can be used: (iron) = inductance value (H) H-DC=0.4 Ni L n = coil turns (circle) induction H-DC= magnetization I = L = length (CM) l and al value, can refer to Micrometal.

For example: to T50-52, coil 5 and a half circle, the L value for T50-52 (OD 0.5 inches) by checking the table the al value of about 33nHL=33 (5.5) 2=998.25nH is about of 1 m - h when 10A current flow, the L value changes can l=3.74 (look-up table) H-DC=0.4 PI Ni / L = 0.4 x 3.14 x 5.5 x 10 / = 3.74 18.47 (look-up table) can understand the L value decreased degree (mu I%)

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