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ГЛАВНАЯ > Новости> Inductance winding machine

Inductance winding machine

2016-08-19 00:55

Ring winding machine series
Ring type winding the line machine various types, head of different products can be interchanged, flexible and convenient operation, fast speed and high efficiency, quality and quantity, price is reasonable, applicable wire diameter 0.06~1.5MM. minimum diameter of 2mm. Mainly the following types
The 2 inch l ring Winder
The 4 inch l ring Winder
The 6 inch l ring Winder
L special ring Winder
Ring inductance coil
In the production of a variety of transformer, filter, communication coil and all kinds of ring type inductance, coil and so on. And according to the customer request OEM or processing a variety of specifications of the annular coil. Following the existing around the line equipment
The 2 inch l ring Winder 6 Taiwan
The 4 inch l ring Winder 5 Taiwan
The 6 inch l ring Winder 4 Taiwan

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